There is one more example I have on my mind. A friend of mine once stuffed a pillow under her cloth to make herself look pregnant, she was practicing for the real thing she says. She will probably make an attempt on my life for doing this, God protect me please! Anyway, it’s good to have a good laugh once in a while.

So, assuming she gets carried away, and she somehow begins to think that she’s really carrying a baby. She signs up for ante-natal, starts buying baby things, sitting around and feeling lazy, asking that we open the window so that sunlight can come into the room, in the middle of the night! Anyway, we love her don’t we guys, and we understand what she’s going through and all that, so we’re patient with her for nine months.

Finally, it’s time to deliver. But no labour pains! What’s going on here?! Does she need a shot to kick start the labour? Ok, we take her to the doctor, she gets a shot, nothing! No labour, no baby. Something is really wrong here! Eventually, the doctor examines her very well and finds out she’s not pregnant, she’s not expecting any baby! We are all not only disappointed, we also feel some indignation toward her, she just took us all on a nine month long ride!

That’s unacceptable! Exactly! That’s why God described right-action without righteousness as filthy rag. Having a form of godliness in the absence of the main subject which is God is such a waste. In talking about the kingdom of God as righteousness, peace and joy, righteousness here refers to the seed of righteousness, the tree of righteousness, the water that sustains the tree of righteousness and the fruit of righteousness, all working harmoniously as one, each in agreement with the rest and none absent.

So, what is righteousness? RIGHTEOUSNESS IS THE WILL OR MIND OF GOD. The seed of righteousness is the word of God, the tree is the man who believes, the water is the Spirit and the fruit is the manifestation of the will of God. We will continue this conversation tomorrow.


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