It’s very important that we understand this thing about joy and happiness very well. Most times it is the missing link in our lives and in our walk with God. Most people want a miracle so they can be happy, wrong! They need to be happy to get a miracle. In His wisdom, God put signs of Himself in nature and in life, things that remind or point us to the truth.

One of such signs is what we speak of when we talk about waking up on the wrong side of the bed. Haven’t you noticed that when you wake up in the morning and go into the day feeling unhappy and gloomy bad things tend to happen more that day? It is the opposite when you wake up feeling happy and excited, your day keeps going great until something bad happens and gets you to give up your joy.

I am sure you know that God doesn’t do magic. Whatever He does is achieved by masterfully working the truth, the source code of reality which is The Word. The computer programmer can be likened to God, the computer language The Word and all the numerous computer applications the works of God. Whoever has the word can produce reality.

When God told Israel to march into battle against the armies of three nations armed with only a song of praise and musical instruments, He only wanted them to do something that will generate in them a river of joy. When He commanded them to march round the walls of Jericho and then blow their trumpets and give a shout of joy, the walls had no choice but to fall because they brought the walls right into the manifest presence of God where nothing but His glory can stand.

One of my earthly teachers, Poju Oyemade once said that if you can match the level of joy now in your heart with the level of joy you would have if what you want happens, you would have what you want. The joy of The Lord is a very powerful place my dears, it’s where you want to be, I’m very sure of it. The kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. We will talk more about this tomorrow and then we will progress in our conversation to find out how to live in the joy of The Lord.


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