Nobody ever gets to a thing just because the thing is there. Your destiny may be there, success may be starring you in the face, you may know that you know that ‘it’ is yours but, until you make progressive effort to grow towards “it”, “it” will not really become yours.

You may go to something, but then the chances now exist that you may go back from it. However, when you grow into something there’s no going back. Growth is irreversible. The worst that can happen is stagnation.

This is the reason for the popular saying, “a man’s skill may get him to great heights but only his character can keep him there.” Aim to grow into things instead of the present day popular “going into” things.

Imagine this; you go into owning a house on mortgage, then life happens and you lose the ability to finish up your mortgage payment, baam! You’re homeless again! You fall in love with a really nice girl that can make you the happiest guy on earth for the rest of your life but you’re not man enough yet to know a treasure when you see one and you’re not ready to settle down just yet, then life happens and she moves on, baam! You’re left searching for her in every other girl that comes around.

All I’m saying is, “choose to grow into things”, don’t just go into things. Allow things to come out of you freely, don’t pull things into you, because they may not stay. Focus on increasing yourself till you start overflowing with the things you want.

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