By now a picture must have formed in your spirit and reflected upon your heart, I am talking about the picture of “the man” who is fit and furnished to live like God on the earth. There are certain things about him and about his disposition in life. And until these things and this disposition becomes true of a man, such a man cannot step into the reality of full divine manifestation within his own life.

First of all we see that such a man that we speak of must have denied himself, refused to think the way “he” thinks, talk the things “he” wants to talk, do the things “he” wants to do or see things the way “he” sees them. He has given up his own identity, to him he is dead. He has removed his former self like a dirty cloth and put on a new self, Christ. Now, he still thinks, talks, acts, has opinions, attitudes, expectations, and every other things that man do. The only difference is that he is consciously living another persons life, Christ’s life.

He knows that there’s another breath in him, the Holy Spirit, one more real than the one he has known since he was born which is the air he breathes. He regularly feeds his new life with the food it needs, which is the word of God through study, meditation, confession and practice. He drinks the water of life to keep his new self hydrated and satisfied, he never allows the thirst of his new self go unsatisfied because he is always imbibing Christ, filling his desires of success, happiness, love, companionship, personality and everything that man desires with thoughts of Christ.

We are not talking about a man who is “trying” to become like Christ, making a list of character changes and applying them one after the other. No, that’s not what we’re talking about. We are talking about a man who is already Christ: we’re talking about Christ in a new body, your body, wearing you over His divine spirit. We are talking about putting the horse before the cart, the way it’s supposed to be. Remember how God created the world, He thought of it, then He spoke it and then it manifested. You can’t become, till you know you are, and say you are.

Each time I pray, having seen it in the word, I declare out loud from a place of faith that “I am Christ, I am the temple of God, God’s address is Edozie, I have the mind of Christ, the Holy Spirit has taken all that is true of Christ and made them true of me too, I am everything that Christ is, when I speak God has spoken, when I think God is thinking, when I act I do the works of God, I always know the right thing to do because I follow Christ, so I never walk in darkness.” By doing this I permit the earth to see these things. Try it.

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