But anyone who eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise that person at the last day. For my flesh is true food, and my blood is true drink. Anyone who eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me, and I in him. (John 6:54-56 NLT)

There is a thirst in everyone of us, one that is different from the natural thirst we satisfy with water. It is that thirst that drives us to chase after things in life with expectations of satisfaction. We chase after money, romance, power, reputation, popularity and the like. We do that because we believe that once we get these things, we will become satisfied in life. But non of us needs a scientific study to tell us what happens at the end of the day.

By the time we get what it is we are chasing after, by the time we get the money, have the sex, get the recognition and become stars, we feel like we’ve been conned. The satisfaction is missing! We still want it! We’re not satisfied! The only satisfaction we get is only that which comes from the promise in the chase. So we keep chasing all our lives, never quite getting there, thirsty till the day we give it all up or till the day we settle for the closest thing to it.

That may be good enough for others, but not for the one who desire to live the God-kind of life, not for those who want to have the power of the gods, not for those who have accepted that they are gods. Those who have become aware of their new life, aware of their new self made to the specifications of God, conscious of the living Christ which is in them, such do not settle for the closest thing.

Here’s how they satisfy that thirst. They drink the blood of Christ. The scriptures say, “…life is in the blood.” To get your new life growing, to grow in Christ you must fill all your dreams, desires, expectations and longings with thoughts of Christ. Your satisfaction must be in Christ. Your desire for success has to be founded in Christ, so should all other desires you have. The scriptures say that those who thirst after righteousness shall be filled. 

You will keep him in perfect peace, Whose mind is stayed on You, Because he trusts in You. (Isaiah 26:3 NKJV)
The life of Christ is peace, perfect peace. For the kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. Christ was so full of peace that He was giving out peace so easily, even to storms He was handing out peace. The life of Christ makes you have peace in success, in wealth, in romance, in popularity and in all things. To fill the belly of your life with that Life, you must make Him the center of your life. All that you desire, dream of, long for and expect in life must be found in Him. That is how Christ practically enters into you and you into Him.


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