The devil can give you more money than you can possibly spend in an entire lifetime. Yes he can. Your soul is worth a lot my dear. But the devil is not your friend, he doesn’t have your best interest at heart. His seeming goodness to you is only a means to an end; your soul in his hands.

Let me tell you something that will surprise you. People have different worths in the spiritual realm. The devil can never give you more money than your soul is worth in the spirit realm. Now, there is really no growth in the spirit realm. That means we are all fully developed, fully mature and completely fulfilled in the spirit realm. Natural growth, i.e. What happens here on earth is only the gradual transfer of what we are in the spirit into the physical.

So, when the devil gives you anything in exchange for your soul, he gives you to the tune of your spiritual worth. The thing is this: on your own, without the devil, in Christ you will achieve the same thing before the end of your life. The devil is like a mortgage house, he advances you your life upfront, compresses it into a shorter time period. So, you live your best and die early, with a little catch; you lose your soul.

On the other hand what Christ does is that he ensures you don’t cut corners. He comes to give you your life and give it to you more abundantly. The more you take the godly way to your complete self realisation, you will be rewarded with more abundant life. It may take longer, but you will get to your best, with a little catch; you’ll have abundant life.

Abundant life doesn’t just mean you’ll live longer, but while you are alive you will enjoy your life. You’ll have peace, real happiness and fulfilment. Life will be worth it for you. The devil takes away all that when you strike a deal with him. You lose your peace, no real happiness and joy. You know what happens when you stuff too many things into limited space? You take away comfort and true liberty. When the devil stuffs maybe 60 years into 10 years, that leaves you no room for the finer things of life.

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