But Jesus didn’t give an inch. “Only insofar as you eat and drink flesh and blood, the flesh and blood of the Son of Man, do you have life within you. The one who brings a hearty appetite to this eating and drinking has eternal life and will be fit and ready for the Final Day. My flesh is real food and my blood is real drink. By eating my flesh and drinking my blood you enter into me and I into you. In the same way that the fully alive Father sent me here and I live because of him, so the one who makes a meal of me lives because of me. This is the Bread from heaven. Your ancestors ate bread and later died. Whoever eats this Bread will live always.” (John 6:53-58 MSG)

Apart from the air we breath, there are two basic and most important things that sustain life on earth; food and water. They are the most basic of necessities. With both, and without all other things, one will live a normal healthy and unimpaired life. Without them, all other things will be of no use to us.

The Holy Spirit is the air we breath as incarnations of Christ. In human life, we do not make effort to breath, we only make effort when we want to hold our breath. This is also true of our spiritual life, once we have been born into Christ through faith in the gospel of Christ, the Holy Spirit is given to us by the Father, He breaths into us the breath of life. This breath remains in us, and most times, just like in human life, many are unaware of the breath in them, until such a time when they for some reason want to hold their breath or breath faster. As incarnations of Christ we hold our breath each time we want to do something that’s against God’s will and we breath faster whenever we become aware of our need for divine intervention.

With breathing we do not necessarily need to exert effort in order to live a normal life, that is why the scripture doesn’t mention anything about growing the Spirit within us, scripture only talks about quenching the Spirit. 
With food and water on the other hand we must make effort. We must of necessity look for and find them, then we must of necessity put the food in our mouth and swallow it, and also drink the water consciously. To stay alive and live a normal, healthy and fully nourished life we must eat and drink the right food and clean water. As incarnations of Christ, how can we do this? Find out tomorrow in part two of this discussion.


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