For me today is one of those days you wish will never come to an end. I can say without any contradiction that today is special, very special indeed and I want to share it with you my dear friends, readers and family.

I started the day feeling like a king, like I have the power to do anything. But it wasn’t just a feeling, it is a reality on the inside of me produced by the Spirit of God from the place of prayer. I could see how everything is possible.

Then, I succeeded in upgrading my iPad OS to the all new iOS 7. What a beautiful thing! Technology is good I must admit. And off to church I went.

As usual I attended two services, one at Dominion City, Victoria Island church where pastor Okey brought the word and dropped it like it’s hot, wow! HIGHLIGHTS: The manifestation of God on earth is the life and works of men like you and I, people who are incarnations of Jesus Christ. So, there is only one savior Jesus Christ in essence, but there are many saviours, instances of Jesus Christ all over the earth in practice. You and I. When I operate from that pedestal and consciousness, my thoughts are the thoughts of God, my words are the words of God, my actions are the works of God and my personality is the very person of God. I walked out of that service feeling like the Christ that I am. And I want you to live the same way.

Then I drove over to the Lagoon Restuarant, to Covenant Christian Centre. Pastor Poju brought in a guest minister, Trina Hankins, wife of Mark Hankins all the way from the US. She and her husband are Word of Faith ministers doing exploits for God. This is a woman who was told by brain surgeons that she has an inoperable brain tumor after she collapsed and woke up in a hospital twenty five years ago. She and her husband demonstrated great faith in the face of that “evil” report. That was what she called it, evil report. Oh God I loved the way she spoke about these things, the mystery of godliness and the practice of faith. 

HIGHLIGHTS: Here’s what they did. They had searched God and found so much that He had spoken about health, healing, wholeness and spiritual authority. So they just put out the word of God in front of them and the report of the enemy just hit the word(shield of faith) and fell to the ground. Then they picked up the sword of the spirit(the word of God on their lips) and kept on speaking it out into the situation, kept on driving that sword into the heart of the enemy, standing their ground and refusing to agree for one second with what the report said, until the doctor came back one day and said, “Mr and Mrs Hankins I don’t know what to say but we can’t find the tumors anymore!”

That is your portion! The Egyptians you see today you shall see them no more in Jesus name! That evil report will change and your enemy will become dumbfounded, because the things that were sent to destroy you shall turn around and make you stronger in Jesus name!

After the service I hooked up with my buddy Wilson Chimezie(The Interpreter) for a while before heading off to Living Fountain orphanage. It was my aunt’s birthday and she felt like celebrating with the lovely kids over at the orphanage. It was a wonderful experience being with such beautiful children.

I ended up at the Civic Centre Victoria Island Lagos for a birthday party. There was a live band and Gordons was the MC. Men it was nice. It felt like really good. I met some very wonderful people. Being there and interacting with people there made me think about a whole lot of things and a whole lot about a very special person.

And here I am, back at home, about to end my day. But how can I do that without sharing the wonderful lessons from church with you, and the things that made today very special for me. May your days be special and filled with joy. Knowing you are out there, knowing you believe in the God that sent me to you, and that you believe also in me enough to read me, that’s the best thing in my life. You are what makes my life really special on a daily basis. Thank you and God bless you. God is taking us somewhere, stick with me let’s achieve great things together. Good night and God bless you richly.


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