The entrance into godliness is death. Please remember that godliness is not just about being characterised by uprightness and love in the way you think, speak and act. To be godly is to be God-like in every way. Of course to understand what God is like we must look to Christ. To get to God, one must go through Christ. He is the way, the truth and the life. That state in which a person begins to think like God, speak for God, act God and become practically aware of his/her “God-likeness” is only possible through Christ.

So, if you are looking for a door, a pathway, a process or whatever word you choose to describe a system of ideas, theories and practices that collectively produce a definite result, the result in this case being the entrance into a reality where you can legally put on God’s shoes, effectively act on God’s behalf on earth, with the full authority and power of God at your disposal for the THINGS THAT ARE OF INTEREST TO GOD and WITHIN YOUR “EARTH SPACE”, to find such a “how-to” you should look at Christ.

If you are looking for the knowledge on which the origin and essence of all existence is built, the source code of reality, the building blocks of life, knowledge that has been stripped of every misleading, misrepresented, and refutable fact, the very understanding you need to manipulate creation and reality, otherwise referred to as the truth, then you should look in Christ. Or maybe you want to discover a way one can live, a particular lifestyle, a way to conduct ones daily life in other to transcend into oneness with God, then study Christ.

The words in capital letters are very important. You cannot act on God’s behalf in matters of which He disapproves. And you cannot interfere in matters that you do not have direct relationship with. You can’t play God in other people’s lives. You must be “invited in” or the matter must directly concern you. Jesus could not do many miracles in His home town because their unbelief rejected Him. Jesus would always ask those He encountered, “what do you want me to do for you?” Their answer became His invitation into their lives.

There is only one way you can be invited into another persons earth space, and that’s the very same way God Himself is invited, through faith. The person(s) must believe in you as God’s hand and then either offer a direct request or act on your words. Yes! God made you in such a way that He can function on earth through you. The things that are true of Him are true of you within the constraints of Christ.

Please don’t let this truth get to your head. You can’t come back once you cross the line. I really don’t think that God has any intention of sending a third Adam to save you! Because once you become “God-aware” and then go bad, there’s no coming back. I beg you again, please observe Christ first, look into Him first, study His life first, study the scriptures like its the air you breath before you go all out into this. Understand what you are about to do before you do it. Make sure your zeal is backed by knowledge.

May God our Father give you unusual access into the wisdom of His existence, reveal hidden truths about Him to you, and awaken in you the ability to understand things from His own viewpoint, so that you will always know what He wants, how your lives and the things you do relate to who He is here on earth, and that you may be fully aware of, and operate fully in the ability of The Holy Spirit, Who is working on your inside to bring you into Christhood and to transport God unto your earth space through you. Amen!


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