We must always remember that godliness is the imitation of God, it is putting off the old man and putting on Christ, it is dying so that Christ may live in and through us. It is the swallowing up of man by divinity, it is denying oneself and really believing that one is Christ and then living as Christ. Hence, the laying aside of ones own will, taking up the will of God and making it ones own.

The question then arises which is what I want to attend to today.

QUESTION: Does it then mean that God gave man a will he cannot use as he sees fit, that he cannot use his own God-given will to will whatever he may?

ANSWER: No. Man is free to use his will as he sees fit. He is never compelled nor is he ever forced by God to set aside his own will. The reason he has a will is that he may use it freely. He uses it when he decides to set what he wants aside and Make what God wants his own. He uses it when he decides to live as though he has no will of his own. That is all God asks of him; to choose. He may choose to cling to his own will or he may choose to lay it down for the sake of Christ. Whichever, he makes the decision.

I think this is really a straight forward issue. However, I feel that the real question that’s in the heart of anyone who asks this preceding question is actually this;

QUESTION: Does it mean that I cannot use my will as I see fit and not be punished for it?”
ANSWER: Yes. If you break an hedge, the serpent will bite you. There are rules, whether you belong to God or not there are rules. If you don’t play by them you will face the consequences. That’s just the way it works. I mean, everybody knows that. People just expect God not to care. Well, funny enough it’s their choice and God respects that. So when they are broke and they don’t want to know how God can help them out of their bind, He lets them wallow in it. If they get sick or in trouble, He lets them pay the natural price. God will not break the rules for their sake, He remains faithful even when we are unfaithful. He lets the rule have its way. Whatever a man sows that will he reap. Whatever is born of the flesh is flesh, and whatever is born of the spirit is spirit. If one cannot deny oneself to live like God, then one will die like a man, for man is condemned already, condemned to a life of suffering, defeat and death, having sold his birthright to the serpent. So the serpent now keeps him in line, talk about things being upside down.

But you are not like these people I am talking about. You chose to lay down your will and make His will your own. You are divine candles set on earthen candlesticks, throwing light all around you and dispelling the darkness. You have been offered the chance to rise above the serpent in all areas of your life by denying that life that is low for a higher life. You are godly, and tomorrow we shall talk about this more.


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