Concerning my last post “THIS IS GOD”, I feel the need to mitigate against a possible misunderstanding. This will take us off our main concern which is the mystery of godliness but, I believe it is necessary to leave no room for misunderstanding. I think a statement I made may need to have a little flesh added to it. It’s too “bony” the way it is and someone may “choke” on it. So, just for one day, let’s deviate a little bit.

I am concerned about the brief comment I made about “every healthy family.” My attention was drawn to the fact that it may appear as though it is lawful for a man to “lord” over his wife, seeing that he is like The Father and his words like The Word. That understanding would be wrong, absolutely wrong and unfounded.

The Father never “lords” it over The Word nor does He “lord” it over The Spirit. He said, “let us make man.” That connotes two things; first it connotes partnership between the three, which is wilful agreement. Secondly, it connotes something else very subtle but insightful, the product or result of their partnership would bear a perfect resemblance to the qualities of all three. “Let us make man in OUR IMAGE and after OUR LIKENESS. They were going to achieve something that is true to the three of them while playing different roles in the process. Let’s note this once and for all, “the thing about the three of them is a matter of roles and responsibilities, not a matter of superiority.” So also between the man, his words and his wife.

The picture that the scripture paints of a “healthy family” is one in which the man listens to the “heart” of his wife, the wife listens to the “will” of her husband. A man’s world must be big enough for his wife to live in without feeling squeezed-in, his dreams big enough to make room for personal fulfilment for the wife too. The man gives voice to the agreement he has reached with his wife, and also to what is best for the family. The man does not lead out of a sense of “authority”, he leads out of a sense of love and responsibility. The woman does not submit out of a sense of necessity, she submits out of a sense of love and trust.

We must realise that the way a husband and wife behave toward each other is different from their roles and responsibilities in the family. The man loves the woman with his very life. It means he will go to any length, do whatever it takes to make sure she is happy and fulfilled. Then the wife on her part will be submissive and have so much respect and reverence for him, an honour second only to the one she has for God. Here, unlike as it is when it comes to roles and responsibilities the man is like Christ and the wife is like the church. In all the labour of the man to provide for the family, all the show of courage to protect the family and all the air of confidence he carries to keep hope alive in the family amongst other things, ultimately he is showing how much he loves the family. The woman on the other hand, with all the personal sacrifices she makes in order to put the family first, which sometimes overwhelm her so much, yet in the face of all that, she is more concerned about the effect of her tears which can break the spirit of the family. So she cries in secret. In all that and much more, she is showing how much she trusts the man to know what to do. Men, listen to your wife’s heart. Women, listen to your husbands will.

My dears the more I write the more flows into me. However, the spirit of the prophet is under his control, so please pardon me to stop here. I sense that The Lord may allow us dwell on this more from the 1st to the 14th of February, 2014.


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