The opportunity to participate in God which has been extended to man is indeed a mystery. Following the unveiling of this high calling through the pages of scripture inspires awe. It began with a simple but powerful statement; “let us make man in our own image.” The scripture makes it clear that concerning creation, God did not consult anyone but Himself. Therefore, we quickly conclude that the “us” could not be anybody but God Himself.

So, we recognise The Father, The Word and The Spirit. We see these three at work during creation. We know that the Father conceived the thought, the intention was His, it was His will to create. We observe that His intention was made known through the Word of His power. Hence, whatever He willed in His heart to do He gave substance by His Word. By this we understand that words are not just sounds, words are forerunners of reality. Words are spiritual pregnancies carrying manifestations. God will gaze into His own heart, see what He wills to do and then with words announce the entrance of His will into the earth. It is as the scriptures put it, He calls the things that are not yet earthly visible as if they already exist. Yes, indeed they already exist in His will.

Then we also see the Spirit of God brooding over the waters. It’s enlightening the particular word that was used to convey the activity of the Spirit during creation. A hen will lay her eggs, then she will gather them together under her belly and wings. These are parts of her body where there is very little feather, exposing the eggs to her body heat, thereby incubating the eggs. This activity continues till the content of the eggs fully form and hatch. Without the particular temperature at which the incubating activity maintain the eggs, they will never hatch. Though they contain within them everything required to bring a living chick into life, if the hen does not brood over them, they will not bring forth life.
Hence, it is the Spirit that makes available the perfect condition and necessary “arrangements” needed for the Word spoken By God to materialise.

So we conclude our session today with a summary, something seen clearly in the creation; if God wants it, He says it. If He says it, the Spirit gives it the necessary conditions for manifestation. The singer Sinach sang a song which goes, “the Word is a seed. When planted and watered it will come to pass.” That is so true. The Father is “the One who wants it to happen”, the Word is “the seed” that contains everything required for it to happen. The Spirit is “the Extraordinary Strategist” that makes it happen. In every healthy family, the man is like the Father, his words are like the Word and the wife is like the Spirit. Now you know why the man who finds a “real” wife has obtained favour from God.
So, this is God revealed in creation. Meditate on that for now.


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