This was inspired by Malcolm Gladwell’s “Outliers” A certain degree of “entitlement” mentality(in a most positive sense of that word) is necessary in an individual in other for that individual to be successful in life. One must learn to respecfully and submissively assert oneself. Such calm boldness and non-hostile confidence is necessary for inventing, expressing, or bringing forth oneself. It is necessary for advancing life, crucial for effecting change and improving on the “existing”.

Jesus had it, notice how He was able to respectfully assert His uniqueness and conviction with His parents. Paul had it too, notice the calm boldness and non-hostile confidence he displayed in taking the gospel to the gentiles, at a time when it was believed that salvation is for the jews. Every agent of change needs that ability to gently and most courteously explore with firmness ones own persuasions and convictions with a dash of non-conformity. It is not disregard for “authority”, it is the ability to positively question “authority” with an intent to unveil more of “things”.

Such is the forerunner of inventions and new discoveries, and of every advancement in human accomplishment. Those who accept whatever life brings are those who were trained to never question status quo. Those who excel and surmount obstacles on the way were taught early in their developmental stages to actively believe that if their curiosity latches on to something, they should cautiously but decisively find out what is there. They were taught that there is something better, that if they try and don’t give up, they’ll find it. Isn’t that faith?

Failure to provide a child with this kind of training or provide similar kind of training for anyone going through the stages of development in any area is detrimental, even in matters relating to faith. Whether we’re talking about children or new converts, the situation is the same. In the same way that parents know quite a lot about life, pastors and church leaders need to know enough about spiritual things to have the level of confidence and high “spiritual self esteem” needed to understand this fundamental truth: these young ones ask questions not because they want to go against authority, it is because they are curious and don’t understand a lot of things.

It is the parents job to sometimes answer their questions, and at other times help them find those answers on their own, to guide their curiosity properly, giving them a chance to learn the value of experience, and helping them develop confidence in their ability to navigate through life. Parents and leaders prepare them to harness the world around them for their own development and effectively adapt to their world by instilling in them that mentality of “entitlement” that latter in life will see them ready to “take no for an answer”, “follow through to the end”, and “take what is theirs” in life. And when needed, to lovingly but decisively correct their errors, so that they know that there’s a line you don’t cross, and things you can’t get away with.


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