The lion doesn’t roar in order to become a lion, it roars because it’s a lion. No man can by any action of his earn salvation, or ascend to christlikeness. All that we have, all that we are, we received by grace. We are Christians first by nature, because the word of God entered into our hearts and the Spirit of God shined His light on that word, helping us to see the truth in what was preached to us about Jesus Christ. Now that we are offsprings of the word, we are not required to practice what we claim to be in order to become what we claim to be, rather we are required to do so as a natural consequence of what we are. If a man claims he knows how to play football, then one should naturally expect that when he is tossed a football, he kicks it and will not rather try to chew it.

Practicing the word in spirit and truth doesn’t really “make” you a Christian; It shows you are one. And that means a great deal. God never intended to send invisible representatives to earth, if so the angels would do. The primary purpose of man is this; “to show creation what God is like, in ways that human beings can understand and relate with.” This is why Jesus put on humanity. So until a man begins to interpret God to creation in terms of signs and practices familiar to creation, that man has not started living up to God’s expectation. In the light of that, until you act it, you are not it. If it is demanded and you are unable to produce it, you don’t have it.

A prayer you should learn to pray is that God should enlarge your heart, so that you can see the use of the scriptures beyond the interests of religion, so that you will know that the bible has potential to do more than make you a “good church member”. Just like every house on a street has an address that ensures mails sent to it get to it, so in the same way everyone has an address marked by “their fruits.” The scripture says “by their fruits you shall know them.” The book of proverbs talk about curses, and it says when there is no reason for a curse, even if it is sent forth, it will not find a place to land. It is also true of blessings. The things we do, our actions and ways is an “X” that marks a spot in the universe. The use of the bible is so that we can know how to locate ourselves at the “X” that represents who God wants us to be. Then the resources for the assignment we have been sent here for will locate us, and the ministering spirits sent to serve us will recognise us.

Jesus says of the devil, He comes but finds nothing in me. Which means Jesus is not at the address that the devil is authorised to operate. Jesus says when the master of the house comes, will he find men watching? It is always about what you are doing. Don’t misunderstand that statement; faith is primary, ok, however, faith is not just a mental consent to the word, real faith is abandoning yourself to a reality governed by the word. Faith that doesn’t move one to action is dead. That ain’t faith, it’s wishful thinking. And it will produce nothing. But you are different, so locate yourself rightly. Practice, practice, practice!

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