But let these also first be tested; then let them serve as deacons, being found blameless. (I Timothy 3:10 NKJV)

Let’s put it all into perspective. Good morning people! I hope you all had a great night? Yes? O that’s great!
This morning, our meditation requires we cast our minds back to all that we’ve been meditating on from the beginning of 1 Timothy chapter three. We’ve been shown a lot about leadership, the character, requirements, expectations and implications of leadership.

Please, we must put all these into proper perspective. These things that we’ve been shown are not qualities to be developed on-the-job. They are not things that the leader will pick up on the way as he leads. The bible says the intending leader must first be examined to determine if these qualities are existing already in him FIRST! Then and only then may he be ushered into the leadership. These qualities do not describe the development path of leaders, it defines the password into leadership.

The church of Jesus Christ has seen a lot of things unbecoming just because of the neglect of this instruction alone. Many churches crumble overnight like a pack of cards because of this. Just yesterday we were talking about developing the spiritual senses or developing the conscience. The bible talks about those who abandoned the conscience and make a shipwreck of their faith. You don’t entrust your life to a six year old on the car steering. We did talk about not giving leadership positions to new converts.

It seems, when it comes to this issue, that only corporations, the military, governments and everybody else but the church is wise. Students go to school and study medicine for five years, they graduate with distinction. Yet, they will never touch a patient till they gain the knowledge that comes by practice. You might graduate with a first class in business management, but no corporation will let you near management responsibilities until you’ve spent some years putting that theoretical knowledge to practice, gained some real knowledge about these things and understood how it works in practice. The problem is not the scarcity of theoretical knowledge, the problem is the scarcity of experience. There’s knowledge that’s gained by practice. That is the knowledge that make things happen.

Those of you out there who have made yourself leaders without experience, those of you who have been made leaders prematurely, before you do anymore damage please step down and step back. You may have made the mistake in ignorance, which we all do. Now that you know better, show your faith in the word, and your love for God by doing the right thing. Go back until you are really ready for leadership. And this is a warning to those of you who lay your hands on people suddenly; STOP IT NOW! Don’t be too quick to expand. Aim to duplicate, not expand.


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