…holding the mystery of the faith with a pure conscience. (I Timothy 3:9 NKJV)

I am assuming we all know that man is a spirit, with a soul and lives in a body. This means that man essentially is a spirit being. The real person is not the biological entity we see with our physical eyes. What we see with our physical eyes is the house of the real person. So, we understand that what happens when a person dies is that the real person, the spirit vacates the body back to where it came from.

Now, the soul is the intelligent part of man, the faculty of understanding, capacity for learning and reasoning, aptitude for grasping truths, and making sense of things. The soul is a bridge that connects the spirit with the body for the purpose of control and feedback. The spirit communicates with the body through the soul and the body sends feedback to the spirit via the soul. The body of a man is designed to be able to synchronize with his spirit through the soul. So, when the spirit sees something in the spirit realm, it will register in the soul and be processed much in the same way as signals from the physical eyes. The spirit also takes decisions about the physical world using signals acquired by the physical senses and accessed through the soul. Human beings actually posses ten senses; a pair of each of the five known senses. Though this is rather brief, I think it is enough for the purpose of our meditation this morning. Perhaps we may treat that with more depth at a later time.

What we know as the conscience is actually the workings of the combination of the other five spiritual senses. We realise that the spirit of man is essentially pure and without any form of evil intent. That it is the breath of God. But though the man is essentially pure, it is what he manifests as in the body that he is judged by. So, the battle for his real identity is fought in the soul, the last frontier for both the spirit realm and the natural world. At Eden, that was where the devil fought us, and up till now it is still the same. Now we can appreciate better the warning to guard our hearts diligently because out of it comes the issues of life. He who wins in the mind, wins in life.

So now we make our point; if a mans physical eyes is colour blind, he is unable to tell what colour he is looking at. We say his eyes are corrupt. In the same way, if a mans spiritual eyes are corrupt, he will not be able to tell if what he is looking at is right or wrong. This is very important because it is not every single situation we face that is spelt out in the bible. There are times we must make decisions based on how good our spiritual senses or conscience is. How do you know which house to buy, which lady to marry, which business deal to invest in? As a leader, how do you apply the mysteries of the faith in the grey areas of life and all that?

Therefore, a leader must have his spiritual senses well developed and functioning correctly. We will deal with the “how to” in more detail later, but for now, the scripture talks about those who through practice have trained themselves to differentiate between good and evil. The “how to” involves three things; study the word, practice it, be observant to notice what happens, how it worked and how you feel in the presence of God. It is important to mention that you may not get it right the first time. Persistence and consistency is the key here. I guess we end this here, this post is getting too long.

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