Likewise deacons must be reverent, not double-tongued, not given to much wine, not greedy for money, (I Timothy 3:8 NKJV)

A leader must deserve respect. To be honourable is to be worthy of honour. It is not a privilege, it must be earned. The scriptures talk about the man that cleanses himself from questionable habits, it says he will by so doing make himself a vessel worthy of honour. In other words, he will by his own doing determine whether people will respect him or disrespect him. Therefore, honour is not a positional thing so to say, it is a character thing. You get it by the kind of life you lead, not by what position you occupy. So, you don’t automatically become honourable because you are born again, or because you occupy a leadership position, you become honourable because you are now doing things that deserve honour.
You can’t withdraw from an ATM machine an amount you have not deposited with the bank.

A leader must treasure honesty highly. Aim that in everything, you will speak the truth and never misrepresent the facts. A leader should not be prone to changing his opinions to suit others. He must be bold and confident about his words. It is hard to trust or even believe a double-tongued person. Be sincere and certain. Study to know, interpret correctly, and apply rightly.

Don’t be disparate for wealth. Don’t crave success so much that you resort to questionable ways to get it. If you can’t get it the right way, forget it. This is where you must remember that, the end does not justify the means, it is the means that justify the ends. Are you getting this? Don’t coerce, manipulate or “prophetically harass” people in order to part them from their possessions. In business, don’t cheat people. Value integrity over profit.


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