A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, temperate, sober-minded, of good behavior, hospitable, able to teach; (I Timothy 3:2 NKJV)

People will give you a lot, sometimes everything for treating them right. There are very few ways to express value for people, one of them is how we feel about receiving them. The way a man feels about guests tell a lot about how much he values people. Most people will say a lot about loving others and profess friendship every now and then but, they will rather not have to share a piece of their life with you. They prefer to exchange pleasantries over the fence than sit down to a cup of tea and a warm friendly chat with you. Keeping a distance from people is a no no for leaders.

Leaders must be fond of guests. That is the sixth requirement for leadership. You don’t lead from a distance, you lead from among the people. Leadership is not for the recluse, or solitary, or for the one who is indifferent to strangers. It is for the one who expresses love in practical ways, the one who puts much value in people and expresses it openly, the one who is willing to let others in and share his life with them. Leadership is reserved only for those who can literally sit at meals with those following them.

Why? You ask. What has food got to do with anything? A lot my dear friend, a gigantic lot! Have you wondered why it’s easier for you as a businessman to close more deals over a meal than over pieces of paper? As a man seeking to get into a lady’s heart haven’t you noticed it’s easier doing that over dinner or launch? If there was a time in your family you used to eat together but now you don’t, tell me, did the house feel better now or then? Do you think it was just for mere religious reasons that Christ instructed the church to continue observing the last supper? Think again! One of the punishments commanded for people who become unrepentantly out of line with Christlike life in the church is that others no longer eat with them on the same table. There must be something about sharing meals isn’t it? Now I have your attention.

When people feel a deep, spiritual and covenant connection with each other, they tend to merge into one. They agree more, get along more, trust more, etc. The truth about sharing meals is deep, I will not go into that here. But here is what we need to know for the benefit of the sixth requirement for leadership; the easiest and fastest way to connect with people is by showing genuine value for them. Show them that you take them as you take yourself. Show them that you trust them.
Every leader must know how to cultivate genuiness, sincerity, friendship, a sense and feeling of family among his people. Without this, he is not fit for leadership.


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