Never do something just because it’s the way it’s always been done. Judge the value of each action. Wisdom is profitable to direct. Wisdom only profits those who use her per time, those who make their way forward under the illumination of her light. Wisdom is a stranger among those who stick to traditions.

The Spirit of God is intelligent. Those who bear Him in their spirit must as a matter of consequence live intelligently, showing forth much wisdom in all matters. Actions and practises in the body of Christ must be informed by the intelligence of the Spirit, not by the established customs and traditions of the “church”. I am yet to understand how possible it is that one who claims to be part of the body of Christ is a stranger to the pages of scripture.

How on earth will such a person be made wise in the wisdom of the spirit? How on earth will such a person be able to rise above customs and religious traditions? How on earth will such a person live by the Spirit and walk in Spirit? How will they be able to judge the nature of actions and thoughts, or weigh the value of words and intentions? How will they be able to determine the order of importance of the many issues they face? Will they ever be able to define the point beyond which they would have gone too far in matters of life? How long will they continue to live in the comfort of rules and regulations just because they are too lazy to labour at the mines of knowledge and too ignorant to have any confidence in their own judgement.

The bereans ought to teach these people. They ought to teach them the beauty and blessedness of wisdom and spiritual intelligence. Alas, there is great reason why Paul commended them for verifying his own words, proving the authenticity and genuineness of the words of the chief of the apostles himself. It was no virtue to just take his word for it. The virtue was and still is in following intelligently, preserving ones own soul from even the sincere errors of others.

My dear brothers and sisters, this is not to inspire in you a damnable attitude of disrespect for your teachers and leaders, rather it is to provoke in you a responsible attitude in the weighty matters of the eternal destiny of your soul. Proceed to maturity. Move on from this childishness. Be responsible. Come to that point where you know what to do and when to do it. Your pastor is always saying this and saying that, just like a child’s mummy and daddy are always saying this and saying that. How many times have you heard your father say “my mummy said”?

Please grow up! Venture into deeper waters! There are more valuable things over there. Stop playing around with kindergarten level spiritual realities, go get yourself a seat among the elders so you can guide many more to the treasure chest of life; to the depths of Christ. Jesus said you will do greater works than He did: my question to you is “when will you”?



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