How much of your potential is in use…You probably have heard the expression, “God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called”. This is true. But it’s only a summary. It’s like saying, “in conclusion”. There is this space before the summary or conclusion, and we need to know what’s in there so we can better understand and appreciate the value of the concluding statement.

Now, we will think it absurd, for example, that Steve Jobs picks up an iPad and while he is working with it, the iPad goes like “gee look what I can do, I am so proud of myself. I just wonder what people would have done if I didn’t develop all these features over these years?” I picture Mr. Jobs going “well you ignorant piece of equipment, I made you. The only reason you can do what you do is because I thought of something that could do those things and then I made you and gave you those features. I qualified you for the job. So if anybody needs to boast, it’s me not you.”
That’s exactly how it is with humans and God. We have these qualities, these abilities, these things that qualify us for different purposes. We have these things, we “developed these qualities, honed these skills not because we invented ourselves to do them, but because the One who made us put the potentials in us and gave us the ability to tap these potentials.

Now, what if one of us fails to function properly, fails to tap those potentials and be practically suited for the purpose? What happens? Do we say, ok, you don’t really need to have those potentials developed, we know that you have them inside, that’s all we need to know. So, even though you can’t run, go ahead and represent us at the Olympics.
No! That’s not what we’ll do. We will train them to make the required qualities blossom from the inherent potentials, or we will pick another person who has developed his or her own potential in that area and tell the first man, “sir, you are not qualified for this assignment.”

As per being “qualified” or “not qualified”, the responsibility, earthly rewards and consequences belong to us but the credit belongs to the one who made us.
Now this is true of everything, natural and spiritual.
Having been saved by Christ, made into new creations after the fullness of Christ, we are commanded to work out our salvation, tap the Christ-fullness that is in us now. We are exhorted that those who overcome, those who fight the good fight and run the race to the finish, those who develop the christ-fullness in them will be the saved ones. But those who fail to do this will be cast out back into the state they were saved from. Just like mankind, goes back to the ground they were made from because they failed to develop their Godlikeness. What will Steve Jobs do to an iPad that can’t perform to expected standards? Simple, he’ll toss it into the recycling line.

Here is the conclusion, you can’t boast of anything, but you are loaded with potentials beyond your imagination. Yet, to benefit from these potentials it is your responsibility to tap them, refine them, develop them and polish them to their highest shine.
So next time you hear someone talk about God not calling the qualified or qualifying the called, remember exactly what the statement means. Tomorrow we will begin to look at the qualifications of leadership in the church as outlined in chapter three of 1 Timothy.

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