What do I get to lose if I follow you, the world or Christ? Just for emphasis, if at all there are degrees of godliness demanded from categories of believers, the highest is on leaders. They must be an embodiment of what the faith is all about. They are required to model the destination he/she is leading the people to. And since they are not free to come up with their own destinations, since the destination is Christ, they must embody Christ. It is as though the demand upon them is unfair: human like you and I, yet to be made perfect, still not exempt from mistakes and error, yet in so many ways they are required to live like they are already perfect.

They are not allowed the luxury of excuses or the consideration of learning on the job. That’s a no no! You don’t learn on the job when it comes to leadership. How many of you will agree to board a plane over the pacific with a trainee pilot, nobody?! That’s what I thought. Yet so many churches put people on a flight to their eternal destinies with a pilot who they expect to learn flying while on the journey. This is absolutely wrong! And no justification can be argued for it. It’s an error as black as hell itself.

The truth is this; with God’s standard, most of us who are leaders are not supposed to be. Because the target we keep the sight of the people on is way off the target Christ has set for them. And that’s a pretty big problem. We are leading the people of God off course. Leaders are not supposed to be managed, they must fit the requirements. There is more at stake here than the development of the leader. The destiny and eternal destination of many should not be used to buy leadership development for one man.

The first lesson of leadership is this; “it is the one, for the many”, not the other way round. Jesus laid forth the example for us; one man’s life for the salvation of many.
Here is what you should do, don’t try to make light the terrible implications of distorting the personality of Christ by your shortcomings, just fire yourself from leadership if the picture of Christ your life is painting for the people behind you is wrong, then go get yourself in shape and come back. That way you help not just those you’re leading, but yourself also. Haven’t you read it in the scriptures, that those on whose account any one of God’s children will be led off course, will wish they were never born?


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