From 1 Timothy 2:13,14

For Adam was formed first, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived, fell into transgression. (I Timothy 2:13, 14 NKJV)

Origins and turning points…The male man was given a head start in life for obvious reasons; he needed to know better about the agenda and to be able to appreciate the unique and crucial benefits of the partnership the woman was going to be bringing to the table. God had made the earth and already knew what He wanted His male and female man team to do with it. So God conceived an example of what the vast unclaimed earth could become and He manifested it as the garden of Eden; The origin.

Then He put man in there to get a feel of it; learn all there is about it and prove his hand in sustaining it. If he succeeds then he can replicate the same with the earth. God never intended for them to remain in the garden forever, after all He did give them a mandate to multiply and replenish the earth, and to have dominion over it. The garden of Eden was the seed of what God intends to do with the earth, just like the male and female man is the seed of God on earth.

So, according to their unique assignments, man was to get a firm grip on just what it is God is trying to do here, so that he could pass on the real seed to the woman for her to do her thing with it. This is why the woman needs to leave the control and leadership to the man, and be a woman. And the man shouldn’t be in the way as far as the woman’s assignment is concerned. Men should communicate and not be inquisitive(nosy) towards the women, it’s the woman’s job to be inquisitive, because she needs to know.

Now, the man was not deceived. it was the woman that was deceived. The man on the other hand was irresponsible. He failed in his assignment, to provide leadership and direction. The woman was doing her assignment, but in error. This is the first lesson that the team can only succeed when both work together living up to their responsibilities. We need to understand that prior to the disobedience, their hearts were pure, without any tendendy towards rebellion. The woman only wanted what was best for the team, she saw that the tree can feed them, that the tree is beautiful, and that the tree will make them wise. These are necessities in the work before them, getting the rest of the wild world to be like Eden required wisdom and all that. Notice she was not going after God’s place, just what will help bring the man’s assignment to fruition. She was deceived because she accepted leadership and direction from something other than the man.

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