From 1 Timothy 2:11,12

Let a woman learn in silence with all submission. And I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man, but to be in silence. (I Timothy 2:11, 12 NKJV)

This is a beauty posture for women. This scripture is not about superiority, it’s about roles and responsibilities.
Understand this: the male man has the responsibility to have and maintain a firm grip on what the destination is. With respect to God’s agenda on earth and the human race playing their part successfully in that agenda, the male man must fundamentally posses direction and the ability to lead. He must be able to provide seed. This is his calling and purpose. Any male man without the ability to identify the result of the process or the destination of progress from the start is either a child(immature) or damaged. Children do not produce sperm, neither do males who are damaged. Sorry about the language but it’s what it is.

The female man has the indispensable responsibility to provide the necessary conditions for the seed of her male counterpart to form properly. A complete woman must be able to receive seed from the man. The man’s assignment must be able to validate her expectation. Women are so crucial to the success of humanity that it doesn’t matter how powerful the seed a man produces, if there is no woman to receive and provide the necessary conditions for life for it, it will die. Imagine a world without women, there is none. The woman takes the idea from the man, and gives it a form.

Together, with the woman providing the necessary condition for every step of the progress and the man providing direction and leadership, they nurture the formed idea to maturity.
Women have this remarkable ability to see things clearer than men. They are much like Sylar in the movie series “Heroes”. They know how things fit, how they are connected. While men see the end points and milestones, women know the paths between them, they sense where the dangers are and what is best for the journey. A man says “that is where we should find ourselves”, the woman replies “this is how we should feel getting there”. The man says “these are the ways I think we can do it”, a woman says “I believe this is the best of them all”. Whenever there is no man to provide a target for the woman, her aiming powers go to waste.

This also happens whenever a woman decides to despise the place of the man. Ladies, you are too powerful already being feminine, don’t go for the kill. You won’t just destroy the masculine endorsement, you will also destroy your own feminine effectiveness. Don’t be all over a man’s face, don’t fight him for control or authority. Let him lead, be humble and feminine enough to submit your abilities to his leadership. If they forget their place, step in, not to assert yourself, rather to provide the help he needs to rise to his responsibility. Do what you are cut out for, you are more beautiful that way, relax and enjoy being a woman.


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