From 1 Timothy 1:3

As I urged you when I went into Macedonia—remain in Ephesus that you may charge some that they teach no other doctrine, (I Timothy 1:3 NKJV)

If you really care, stay and fix it! I sense in my spirit that someone reading this may be at a spot in life where this same instruction given to Timothy by Paul is relevant to that someone. I don’t know who you are but listen very receptively to me.

A lot of the things in life that make us “run” are really meant to establish us and drive our roots deeper where we are. You may be disgusted with the way things are going at your local church, you may be so certain that something is off there. You might even have proof that this ain’t the way church is supposed to be done. You may have just had it up to your nose you are ready to go somewhere else or go start your own and show them how things should be done.

I don’t think Paul gave Timothy the following instruction because he wanted to leave the Ephesians out of discontent but we can apply it to our situations.

Compared to the reason you want to leave, consider these; what if the cause behind what you are noticing is ignorance and here you are with the knowledge that could change things, what if it’s because up till now no one has been found who was capable of handling that area and here you are with both the passion and the solution, what if what’s needed is someone who knows what should be done about this matter and is willing to take a stand and show how it’s done and be an example to others.
But, here you are, all you want to do is run away with the salvation that will affect the lives of many in that congregation. You are more concerned about your own comfort than you are about the health of the church of Jesus Christ. I think that is selfish and immature.

People leave congregations mostly because they want to be served more than they are willing to serve. But we are to be servants to each other. As long as there is still a little fire, find a reason to be responsible for rekindling it, not a reason to abandon it to die. For the sake of your love for Christ and your brethren stay and do something, not forgetting that whatever you do, you must maintain the peace and unity of the church.


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