From 1 Timothy 1:2

To Timothy, a true son in the faith: Grace, mercy, and peace from God our Father and Jesus Christ our Lord. (I Timothy 1:2 NKJV)

Are you for real or are you fake? We live in a time when the authenticity of ones conversion to Christ is judged by the wrong criteria. The fundamental, central and major issue of christlikeness has been replaced by corrupted versions of what is supposed to be consequences of the major. They manifest as weeklong availability for religious meetings, financial commitment to the church’s fund raising gimmicks, blind belief in whatever the “Man of God” teaches and commands, things that even the devil himself can play along with so comfortably without compromising his dark nature. That is so wrong!

What this leaves us with is a whole bunch of unconverted people so conveniently masked and hidden away in congregations.
We have been like this for too long that we have even almost convinced our conscience that this is how it ought to be. That is too bad. It is time we get back to the scriptures to rediscover our roots, our legacy, to find out what would make one be addressed as “A true son in the faith….”

Jesus warned that we may be misled into putting the word of God aside if we become too comfortable with the way we do things…”because of your tradition you make the Word of God of no effect”. Let’s not allow that continue. Let’s be truly converted and true sons in the faith of God.


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